Removing Halloween Makeup – Naturally & Gently

Coconut Oil – a simple and natural solution to removing everything from your sparkles to your fake bullet wound.

Young and old – we all share a love of dressing up so Halloween brings out everything from fake eyelashes and inch thick eyeliner to blood and gore.


All of this gets painted directly onto our skin, specifically our faces, which all have to go back to normal at the end of the night. No turning into a pumpkin at midnight, but unless you live alone and work from home, you do have to trade in the costume and go back to being a parent, teacher, boss, etc. in the morning.


With all of the planning, trial runs and product options, it’s rare to think of how to take the Halloween makeup off. Use Coconut oil. This natural oil will help to loosen and dissolve the makeup and glues. Do not try to pull the glue (i.e. eyelashes) from your skin – um OUCH and it is bad for your skin.


Gently spread the coconut oil over your face (or wherever you used the makeup), then just as gently, wipe it away with a washcloth. Certain areas might need a couple of tries. If needed, follow this with washing with a gentle soap (i.e. castile soap, combined with a little jojoba oil).

Note: We use organic, unrefined coconut oil (remember it liquefies or solidifies depending on the temperature).


Makeup Artist Kara Winslow highly recommends only using high quality products for your costume makeup. Your costume will look more authentic and your skin will thank you. She loves glitter and rhinestones on her clients!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween and tons of fun getting your Trick or Treats!!

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