Celebrate the Ridiculous

Celebrating the ridiculous, letting go, enjoying life – all are reoccurring themes and topics of discussion for many of us.

Further discussion seems fitting since we kicked off the week with Mardi Gras and a laissez faire attitude AND this week many celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday. If you have a small child (or are a grown up Dr. Suess fan), this week you have been lucky enough to have “serious” conversations about crazy hats, funky socks, Wacky Wednesday’s mismatched attire, and green eggs.

Maybe you need these special occasions to bring out your ridiculous side, but… just for a moment… think about what your world would be like if you celebrated the ridiculous more often and just for fun.


The idea is appealing isn’t it???


Here are 5 suggestions to celebrate the ridiculous just because!

1-Skip! You cannot help but smile, laugh, chuckle, giggle (and hopefully all of them at the same time) when you skip. It might even give you a taste of what Rachel felt when she tried Pheobe’s crazy running style through Central Park (hee hee did you like the random Friends reference thrown in there).

2-Sing badly at the top of your lungs – Singing along to great music is a sure way to lighten your mood. The more off-key you are, the better! Think of it as a public service, because innocent by-standers will giggle too.

3-Splash in a puddle – Stomp and let the water droplets fly. Don’t let yourself think about it, just jump. One puddle won’t be enough (besides you are already a bit wet anyway), you will be scouting the nearby puddles to run and jump in.

ps: Playing in the mud is a very acceptable alternative.

4-Wear a cape… Kids want to be a hero and they believe that they ARE the hero. They change the world one adventure at a time. Play dress up, stage a sword fight and remember the time when everything was a possibility. Believe in yourself!

5-Give hugs freely. Hugs brighten your day regardless of whether you are the one giving or receiving the hug. Just think of an excited child’s hug. You know the ones where you have to widen your stance and open your arms as wide as you can so you can catch the flying leap and soak in bear hug that follows the leap. Add a little spin and let the smiles slide into giggles. “Free hugs” has it’s own movement – check out Free Hugs Campaign. Plus there is research out there showing that the body’s stress levels are reduced following a good hug from a loved one.


See the magic in the little things. Bed head, noooo… The fairies danced in your hair last night! Enjoy finding and celebrating the ridiculous in your world!

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