A Clear View Needed

Spring is here (it’s pretty much done in Florida though). The pollen coated everything including my screens and windows. I like clean windows so I try at least twice a year to clean all of the windows inside and out. The front and back doors are lucky to get more frequent attention, but the rest of them are easier to ignore.

Years ago, guilt about waste led me to trading in my wads of paper towels for old junk turned rag tee shirts. Now, I can was the inside and outside of all of our windows with two or three tee shirts that are then washed and put back under the kitchen sink for their next use. Before a roll or more of paper towels would go in the trash.

My spray bottle started out with 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar. Today it can vary a bit (mainly due to distractions while pouring) and I usually add 10-20 drops of a citrus oil that is close to or past its expiration date. If I have to smell this stuff as I spray it, I want it smell better than just vinegar.

Try it and let me know what you think!

You will need:

20 oz Spray Bottle (size is up to you, this is just what I have)

10 oz tap water (distilled would be another good choice, but tap is free)

10 oz white vinegar

2-3 old tee shirts (100% cotton is best)

Optional items:

10-20 drops of a citrus essential oil


You will need to:

Mix the water, vinegar and oil(s) in your spray bottle and shake well. If you have added essential oils, shake often while using. Remember oil and water do not mix so between uses, the oils will float to the top instead of mixing with the cleaning solution.

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