My First Post!

The website is new, the blog is new, but the journey started years ago. Always listening and absorbing information about products, ingredients, otc meds, etc. led to asking questions and research and later a discover of essential oils and aromatherapy.

Starting in my early twenties, I was especially struck by all of the things that you shouldn’t use or eat while pregnant. If nitrites in lunch meat are bad for you and the baby in utero, then why oh why am I eating them on a regular basis? If ingredients in that basic bottle of lotion on my counter are questionable in my prechild-bearing years, why am I going to put it on my newborn?

As the questions continued, I usually followed up with hours of research. Every half-answer I found led me to more questions (never ending… no wonder the idiom about curiosity and the cat is still so widely used).

My type A, over-achieving self was searching for ‘The Right,’ one-size fits all solution. Others, must have asked these same questions—How did they solve it? What do they buy? What do they eat? Oh, yeah and not fall prey to false marketing or wipe out their savings accounts? Note to self – This crap is expensive! Why? Damn, another question! Must stop internal commentary, shut off the computer and go to bed.

Want to know my answer??? There is no ‘Right’ answer. The control freak in me is still annoyed by this. I want the gold star for getting it right and doing it well. Instead of one right answer, I have a world of possibilities. Ha! What fun and how frustrating at the same time! Yet another reminder that life is what we make it—A balance—The right
choice for today doesn’t have to be tomorrow’s answer. I continue to learn and to try ingredients, strategies, communication styles, products, etc.

While essential oils and aromatherapy were one of my great finds on this journey, they are not the only discovery. The website will focus on essential oils while my blog will be on the journey of discoveries.

Again, Welcome! This is a journey… Mine, my family’s, my friends’, my community’s and now yours. Ready?! Set?! Goooo…

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