Our Story

As with most stories, ours starts years ago… Krista has always been curious and encouraged to ask why. This curiosity led her to wonder about products (foods, when the choices that she made only affected her, it was easier to justify going with the flow and picking the sale priced item off the store shelf.medications, products, etc.) and why the ingredients were used or chosen.

After her first son was born, the world shifted considerably. For the obvious reason of having a new baby and wanting to do everything right for him, but also because he unexpectedly became critically ill.

Standing over her eight-day-old baby boy hooked up to tubes and machines, there was so little she could do, but she had to do something to help, even if that something just meant soothing his tiny chapped lips.

The medical staff offered to rub Vaseline on his lips, but Krista abruptly rejected the offer. Thinking “No way! It’s petroleum based, gasoline is not going on his lips.” She just wanted something that was soothing and gentle for his lips. Her family and friends started pulling out lip balms from every crevice of their pockets and purses. They read the long lists of chemical names in the ingredients, and all she could think was that there had to be another option.

Although life with a new baby calmed down a bit after Evan’s first year of life, the experience of not being able to find a natural solution stuck with Krista. In December 2007, when her oldest was 2 years old, and she was pregnant with her second son (but did not know it yet), something ‘just clicked.’ Krista and her sister took a class on the therapeutic uses of essential oils with Christina Polnyj, founder of Essential Education International.

“I just sat there and thought, this is it. This is what I have been looking for.” It was enlightening to realize there is research out there to support the therapeutic value of these oils and using products that are all natural.

Just buying things off the shelf was no longer as easy to do. What we put on our skin or inhale is absorbed into our bloodstream. We often hear about eating nutritious ‘all natural’ or ‘organic’ foods, but not about the impact the products we use might have on us.

There is often an assumption that companies developing products have the consumer’s best interest at heart. Consumers have to ask questions. Just because it is on the shelf does not mean it is the best product for our bodies.

Krista & her sons when the boys were still little
The next few years were full of discovery and fun as she blended for herself, her husband, their boys, family and friends. In the Cornell home, the family’s hand soaps, all-purpose cleaners, lotions, steams, bug sprays, deodorants, laundry soaps and shaving creams are all essential oil blends made by Krista. “We do not take much Tylenol in our house and none of us take any cold or cough medicine. Essential oils, however, are in every room of the house.”

Her boys are the inspiration for many blends! The boys ask for Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) when they get cuts and scrapes and demand “smell goods,” “sleep spray,” or “Sniffle Snarfle” on their pillows before bed.

After studying to become a certified Aromatherapist, she launched Krista Jean in the fall of 2011 to provide information and natural products to those, who like her, wonder if there is an alternative.