When ‘Just 1 More’ leads to ‘1 Too Many’

When ‘Just 1 More’ leads to ‘1 Too Many’

Talk of the upcoming release of The Hangover 3 as well as various friends’ plans for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend has led to questions about which oils will help combat the not so fun affects of too much to drink.


When tons of fun partying until all hours moves into the yuck of the morning after…


You know the feeling – Fuzzy headed if you are lucky and a full on jackhammer working on your scull if you are not so lucky, body aches, dry mouth, queasy stomach, nausea, etc.


What is the best way to battle a hangover???

To not get drunk! Too late for that? Yup, I have been there too. Here are some suggestions.


Water – Alcohol dehydrates the cells in the body, so add some water back. Drink small amounts often. No need to overwhelm your already sensitive stomach with a gallon of water in five minutes. A good idea to naturally flavor your water. Instead of using a powder or sports drink, try adding some lemon or lime – good flavor, stimulates the liver and is refreshing.


Simple Food – Stick to toast, crackers, soups and pasta. Start with snack size portions to make sure that your stomach is ready for it. Avoid those grease soaked fries and fast food burger. Drowning a hangover is grease will actually impair your liver function for longer and extend your hangover symptoms.


Essential Oil Blends – A little relief using therapeutic grade essential oils. Blends combining any of the oils below will help reduce the affects of your symptoms and aid your body’s natural ability to heal itself. These should be added to a lotion, cream or oil before applying to your body. Reapply often as you are recovering from your night. After applying to your skin, hold your hands in front of your nose and simply inhale. This will get you some quick relief while your body is absorbing the oils through your skin and spreading them through the blood steam.


Peppermint – Helps with pain from headaches and settle your stomach

Lavender – Soothing and relaxing for those body aches, but it’s also an analgesic for that pounding head ache

Ginger – Great for nausea and stimulates localized circulation (Cardamom is an alternative)

Black Pepper – Increases circulation to help flush toxins and eases aches & pains

Frankincense – Clears the head and cooling to help battle those sweats

Juniper – Powerful detoxifying affects

Roman Chamomile – Calming an upset stomach and aiding in sleep


Rest – Don’t forget this simple tool to help your body heal.


As I researched various hang over cures, milk thistle (herb) kept coming up… It is used to fortify and protect the liver from the affects of alcohol. I need to do more digging on that one. If it gets added to our herb supply, I promise it will get it’s own post down the road.


A little science about why your body feels so bad

As you drink alcohol, it hits the blood stream and causes the Pituitary Gland in the brain to stop producing vasopressin (also known as the antidiuretic hormone). Without this chemical, our kidneys do not absorb water (needed to hydrate our cells and flush out toxins), instead it sends it directly to the bladder. That is why you have to pee every two seconds when you start drinking.


This dehydration is one reason your head hurts the next day – your organs deal with their own water loss by pulling it from the brain, causing it to decrease in size and pull on the membranes connecting the brain to the skull = ouch.


All of that peeing that you did stripped your body of salt and potassium which are needed for your nerve and muscle function = headache, fatigue and nausea.


Alcohol can cause blood vessels to dilate – again where your headache comes into play.


Can’t forget our liver, alcohol affects the body’s store of glycogen turning it into glucose (sugar) and sending it around the entire body. This will impact your digestion and over all functioning of your immune system.

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