Making Laundry Soap is Easy

Only three ingredients needed to make your own Laundry Soap
Really it is easy! Promise!

As my knowledge and research on essential oils expanded, so did their place in our lives and our home. It started with lip balms and lotions and has expanded to all corners of our life.  

Even with all of the essential oils I have around, changing a product in our home still comes with some basic, but strict guidelines. Is the new product…

  •  Cheaper or the same price as store bought?
  •  Convenient – either fun for me to make or just plain fast & easy to throw together?
  •  Effective? It has to work (windows have to be clear, counters clean, soap scum removed, etc.) or why change.

Essential oils are in every room of our house, but we still bought our laundry soap. I was a bit hesitant after an epic fail with my attempt at dish washer detergent. Granted, I was doing it off the cuff and the dish washer was on its last clunking leg (dishes all done by hand now so no need to perfect that recipe yet).

Tried and true on mountains of dirt-encrusted, dog-smelling, sweat-soaked laundry– Months later, it still makes me smile when I add the laundry soap to the washer.

I started with this basic recipe for Powdered Laundry Soap.


2 cups of Washing Powder
2 cups of Borax
1 4 oz bar of coco castile soap
Optional 1-2 tsp of essential oil


1-Grate your bar soap using a cheese grater or if you are doing multiple bars use a food processor (cut into smaller chunks first)

2-Mix grated soap with Washing Powder and Borax

3-Store in air tight container or baggie 


To use:  

Scoop out 2 Tbsp of mixture per large to extra-large load of laundry.


Note-All of my research states that this recipe should be safe on front load/high efficiency washers, but I do not have one so I have not tested it.