How to Detox After the 4th of July

Ahhh, Independence Day! What’s better than the 4th of July? Even a week later, I’m sure plenty of us are still floating around on that 4th-of-July buzz. It’s just like Christmas in July. Just instead of Santa and reindeer, we have fireworks. And instead of logs on the fire, we have sticks in the backyard fire pit. Instead of carols, we have drunken renditions of “God Bless the USA.” And instead of eggnog, we have beer. Lots and lots of beer.


And then along comes the 5th of July. The dumb 5th of July. No one asks the 5th of July to show up—it just does. It just waltzes right in like it owns the place, dashing our dreams of a life where everything is bonfires and patriotism and beer-covered hot dogs to remind us that we have kids to feed and yards to clean up. Thanks a lot, 5th of July.


But, we made it! It’s been a solid week now and we’re still standing. (Congratulations!) Now, at long last, the weekend is here again! Just in case you find yourself carrying the party over to this weekend and getting into similar shenanigans, (or if you’re still feeling some side effects from the 4th!), here are some tips to help you recover after a big party weekend:

  • Load up on liquids: Water, water, water. Though you may feel like you need it now more than ever, you might have to skip the coffee morning. The day after rabble-rousing, stick with water. Room temperature water is more hydrating than ice cold, so skip the ice cubes this time around. Remember my HANGOVER post from last year.
  • Take naps. If you thought naps were only for toddlers and college kids, think again! Naps are for everyone! And after a wild weekend, you’ll see they’re just what the doctor ordered.
  • B-12. Since alcohol is a diuretic, you’ll need to replenish a lot of the vitamins you lost over the weekend. Of these, B-12 is major because of the effects it has on your brain and nervous system. Try to load up on foods rich in B-12, like fish (mackerel, shell fish, salmon, tuna), cheese (Swiss, feta, mozzarella), eggs, and/or beef. I also always look for foods that contain no additives, no preservatives, little to no refinement, and nothing artificial. This includes what animals are fed before they make it my table.
  • Eat the right stuff.  Post-party days, it’s really important to take care of your liver, since your liver is doing all the work to flush out toxins in our bodies. Be sure to eat plenty of foods that will support your liver, like lemons and grapefruit
  • Keep the party going. In your mind, that is. Half the heartache of post-4th comes from knowing that the party is over. But it doesn’t have to be if you keep the spirit alive. Remember, you can do it all again next weekend!