Choosing Your Blend


Scent is powerful! Our noses and what we smell are linked to our emotions.  For more on how the olfactory system impacts our brains and bodies… Link to brain/olfactory/absorption diagram

  • Balsamic – unique aroma that is sweet, soft, earthy and rich all at once
  • Camphoraceous – a familiar scent that is clean, cool, fresh and penetrating that opens the respiratory system
  • Citrus – uplifting, fresh, cool, sweet scent that can be bright and tangy
  • Earthy – deep, rich, complex and lasting aromas
  • Exotic and Sensual – these oils range from floral and sweet to spicy and deep and all have unique, powerful and appealing aromas
  • Floral – sweet and flowery aromas make bring bouquets of flowers to mind
  • Fresh – vibrant aroma of clean fresh air and fresh-cut herbs
  • Fruity – a little sweet a little tart, the aroma is refreshing and awakening
  • Herbaceous – unique fresh scent reminds us of a garden and combines the earthy with the fresh-cut herbs
  • Lemony – bursting with freshness and brightness of a fresh lemon
  • Minty – refreshing, cooling and bright soothes, a classic aid for the belly and head
  • Piney – sharp and clear aroma of a pine forest on a crisp cool morning
  • Resinous – rich, warm, earthy and deep, with notes of smoke and incense to heal
  • Rosy – floral aroma of a bouquet of roses
  • Spicy – fiery, rich and exotic scents can transport you around the world
  • Sweet – these delicious, full aromas are almost mouth-watering
  • Warm and Radiant – are deep and rich scents that bring heat and comfort that soothe and nourish
  • Woody – brings to mind fresh cut wood on a warm summer day


Therapeutic Properties

  • Analgesic-relieves pain
  • Antibacterial-Inhibits bacterial growth or kills bacteria
  • Antifungal-destroying fungi or inhibiting their growth
  • Anti-infectious-used against or to counteract/prevent infection
  • Anti-inflammatory-preventing to reducing inflammation
  • Antipyretic-prevent or reduce fever
  • Antiseptic-preventing infection by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms
  • Antispasmodic-relieving or preventing spasms or cramping
  • Antirheumatic-prevents and/or relieves rheumatic pain and swelling
  • Antiviral
  • Astringent-causing the contraction of body tissues, typically of the cells of the skin
  • Carminative-aid digestion & prevent flatulance (gas)
  • Cephalic-remedy for the head, generally clearing and stimulating
  • Cicatrisant-cell-regenerative for skin, healing for scars
  • Cooling-will cool a hot, inflamed area
  • Decongestant-reduces nasal mucus production and swelling
  • Deoderant-removes unpleasant odors
  • Diaphoretic-promotes perspiration, helping skin eliminate waste
  • Diuretic-helps reduce the amount of fluid in the body
  • Emmenagogue-helps promote and regulate menstruation
  • Emollient-softens and sooths the skin
  • Expectorant-removes excess mucus from respiratory system
  • Haemostatic-slows blood flow
  • Hypotensive-lowers high blood pressure
  • Immune stimulant-stimulates functioning of immune system
  • Mucolytic-breaks down mucus (pulmonary)
  • Nervine-supports the nervous system: strengthens, restores, eases
  • Rubifacient-increases local blood circulation by causing minor skin irritation, vasodilation and local analgesic effect
  • Sedative- reduces activity, calming
  • Sudorific- increases sweating
  • Vasodilator-helps to dilate blood vessels
  • Warming



Simple, pure, natural products for your skincare, health and wellness

Using only the highest quality ingredients and avoiding artificial or synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colors.

Krista Jean products are blended in small batches to ensure therapeutic grade essential oils are combined with 100% natural, organic or wild crafted ingredients.

All individual essential oils are tested for quality using industry-standard GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry).  With these results, we ensure only the purest and highest quality oils are used in KJ blends.

The oil’s therapeutic properties, how it will impact our bodies and minds, are determined by their chemical composition so it is vitally important to know and understand which chemical components make up an essential oil.